#Syria|FSA readiying for the battle of Raqqa

Excerpts of a report published by SRV (AlMashad alSoury) electronic paper;

Special sources told the electronic newspaper that a meeting took place in Istanbul end of September with several FSA commandersof alHassakeh and Raqqa, with a turkish  government team. During the meeting, they discussed the military intervention to take over Tal Abyad which is controlled by the PKK/QASAD, and establish there the OR which will supervise the military operations to free all the province from Daesh and QASAD. Turkey Government agreed to that proposal, and started to equip two military basis nearby Urfa close to Raqqa.

A first military basis opened on 17 October 2016.In the same context, Ain Issa News also reported following military source,  that a second military basis will open on 27 October for both Liwa 113 and Liwa 111 whose members are in majority from Hassakeh under the name of alJazira Shield to participate to the liberation of Tal Abyad and Ras alAin.

The military training lasts currenctly in the first military basis,  20 days and is under Turkish officer supervision SRV also mentionned according to the same sources that 1700 members from Hassakeh and Raqqa who live in the Turkey refugee camps, have joined the camp.

The same sources confirmed to SRV that a group fighting within Euphrates Shield among them Ahrar alSham, Ahrar alSharqiya and Ajnad alHassakeh  have met too.

Picture taken from one of the military basis showing few FSA fighters.

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In the same context, a FSA commander told Step agency :

” No orders have been issued so far to start the  battle of Raqqa toward Tal Abyad. The forces that are being processed might be possible the brigade forces for the Euphrates Shield 2 battle in the Eastern Province. They could be also sent to complete both battles of Manbej and alBab and  control the entire North of Aleppo Countryside. He added that more military camps will open probably open in the coming days especially after the success of the Euphrates Shield 1 battle in Jarablus, and after the meetings that took place in both Istanbul and Ankara with Turkish officials regarding the battle which has received the strongest support in the next few days and will be crucial in the eastern region.”