#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 56th day update

FSA targeted PKK/QASAD in Tal Rifaat with rockets in retaliation to the latter attacks on the latest villages freed from Daesh. FSA also has given Tal Rifaat population  24 hours to move away from place close to PKK/QASAD.

TU Army have shelled for 2 hours the PKK/QASAD in Um Hush, Um alQura and Hesya with more thatn 150 missiles.

Report that IC bombarded alWahshiya road and environs, and TU replies by shelling PKK/QASAD.

TU Army artillery also shelling PKK/QASAD in Hesya-Hassajek-Sad alShuhada.

Clashes at the outskirts of Hesya between FSA and PKK/QASAD.

Activists report that a large number of displaced have started to return  home in  the liberated area by the FSA. as roads between Jarablus, Akhtarin and Mare are reported passable.

TU AF carries out 10 air attacks on PKK/QASAD poisitions in Suruj, Kassar, Um Hush and Um alQura.