#Syria|Ghouta Intellectuals Discuss Their Position in the Syrian Political Equation

A small room may not be enough to accommodate the discussion of a complex term like “the useful Syria,” which has entered the Syrian issue through its widest doors recently, and fed wide-ranging debate, both intellectual and military — but still, this room embraced a forum unique in its type in the eatern Ghouta, with its organizers trying to exchange viewpoints and determine the place of their district within this phrase.

“The position of the eastern Ghouta in the political equation in Syria,” was the name given to the discussion of dozens of intellectuals, in which various social classes participated from all the towns and cities of the Ghouta on Tuesday, October 11, in the Masar center for studies and research in the city of Saqba, in cooperation with The Day After organization. An hour and a half of discussion was not enough to present all the viewpoints, according to some of the attendees who spoke to Enab Baladi.

The forum included a number of angles, including “the ‘useful Syria’ plan,” and the position of the eastern Ghouta in the circle of the state’s interests, which Thaer Hijazi, a communications officer in The Day After described to Enab Baladi as “political activity for a term we have been hearing about in the media for some time.”

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