#Syria|Aleppo news brief for 17/10/2016

73 civilians have been killed in Aleppo and its contryside as the result of the  violent continuous RUAF air attacks on the besieged Aleppo. One Air attack on al Marjo killed 14 civilians in majority children.

In the western countryside, the RUAF carried out air attacks on Uwayjel with bunker buster killing no less than 40 civilians in majority women and children, 2 media activists were reported injured in addition to 70 civilians.

In the military operation context, FSA has announced no less than of Iraki Nujaba (Jubana) killed in an ambush in one of the building at Aziza front in the SE of Aleppo. In additon, a number of Assad’s forces have been killed during an attempt to attack Uhud hilltop in south of Alepp.