#Syria|Aleppo brief for 18/10/2016

RU AF has carried out more than 30 air attacks before halting all the attacks to allow the rebels leave the city.

The air attacks started at midgnight and targeted the following the neighborhoods : Bustan alQasr-Fardous-Sakhour-Zebdiya with dozens of extermely explosion, bunker buster missiles, which resulted in the death of no less than 5 people in Bustan alQasr. The RuAF carried out no less than 20 air attcks on the western rif mostly on Urem alKobra, Darat Ezzat, Anadan in the norhern rif. In the mean time, AlEis was targeted by the Assad’s militias in alHader.

80% of the drinking water was declared out of work as the result of RU AF and regime AF attacks on the water network of the town and its rif. The network will cease functionning at the end of this month and thus, 200 000 civilians will not have drinking water.

In another context, the FSA foiled an Assad’s militias attack on alUweija at the NE of Aleppo, and declated to have killed a number of the Assad’s militias who attempted to progress toward alHatab square and thus, within clahes that expanded to Qastal Harami and Said Ali in the old City of Aleppo.

N.B: concerning Euphrates shield pls read the blog post updating FSA progress throughout the day.