Assad-led demographic change reaches Latakia city, slowly and Quietly

(Eqtsad)- The Syrian regime has already started the plan for the demographic change in Syria, the same is being done in coastal city of Latakia, especially in the neighbourhood of the opposition.

In hot areas like Homs, Daraya, Qudsaya, the regime used bombing, killing and destruction then forcibly evacuate towns and displace residents to other places. However, in Latakia, regime follows another plan where its supporters and “shabiha” seized houses belong to opposition people who follow the revolution by forging of ownership documents and security intimidation, besides armed robbery and killing crimes.

Sunni and opposition neighbourhoods like Salyba, Ramel Janobi, Skantori, Martakla, al-Sijen in Latakia city are witnessing worrying demographic transformation, is being implemented silently and quietly. Regime government tended to harden people’s lives to force them to leave the country, then it seized their houses under the Act of Housing the Displaced where houses are handed to regime loyalists from other city and “Shabiha” from villages of Jableh and Kardaka countryside.

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