A dirty work for Russia in #Syria?

Vladimir Ahmedov  writes in his livejournal:

Regards to the poor results (at least for Syrian reconciliation) that were achieved during extensive meetings that have taken place in Lausanne between the United States, Russia and a group of regional states( Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar), followed by another meeting in London the next day (on Sunday), again between the Russians and the Americans, in addition to some European states those “cordial rencontres” had nothing to do with its declared goals.
It is worth to remind that the results of above mentioned meeting were predicted before to large extend by the diplomatic battle seen last Saturday (October 9) at the Security Council between two resolution bills presented by France and Russia. One of which was toppled by the Russian veto and the second was rejected by 9 out of 15 Security Council members.
Both Moscow and Washington have clearly demonstrated their ability to make a “coup de force” in case if their vital interests in Syria would be touched by any of the side.
For their part Moscow proceeded with their military and political escalation by annulling two plutonium and nuclear research agreements with their American counterparts. Russia have also demonstrated its ability to deter any attack on the Syrian regime’s army. More over for the first time Moscow asked in addition Turkey and Jordan not to provide the Syrian opposition with anti-aircraft weapons, and dispatched more warships to the Mediterranean Sea as well. But that time Russia moved its ships towards Egypt’s, in a move whose meanings are very clear. As for the Americans, who had announced the halting of their talks with Russia regarding Syria, they soon reconsider their position, and their Secretary of State John Kerry called his Russian Counterpart Sergei Lavrov, made yet another concession, and requested new meetings in Lausanne and London.

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