#Syria|Euphrates Shield 4|54th day update

  •  Report of some villages have been liberated but no official confirmation : Qa’ar Kalbin-AlBarouza-Bar’an- Judud-alKherbet-Tanuza.

FSA has liberated  the village of AlGhouz.


Below brief has been confirmed by activists but not the operation room.  As usual, let’s wait for the OR confirmation.

On Monday 17 October, FSA took over more villages (only Ghouz/Ghuz has been confirmed by Hawar Killis OR) and secured the town of Mare with the support of the TU artillery shelling.

Activists reported that FSA took over 2 villages (AlWash and alBaruza) after fierce clashes with Daesh, and secured the southern borders of Mare after expelling Daesh from Salihiya and Asunbul.

The added that Ahrar alSharqiya took 2 Daesh militants prisoners at the outskirts of the village of AQ Burhan during clashes between both sides in an attempt by Ahrar alSharkiya to take over the village