#Syria|Daraa rif|Daesh Security Operation officer aka “alBiss”arrested

The South has been living  a series of explosions such as in Inkhil where a number of civilians have been killed,  and assassinations of FSA commanders, all reported to be masterminded by Daesh.

In a previous blogpost, I have mentionned that the FSA  has been using its intelligence services to arrest Daesh operatives and officers.

Liwa alMuhajirin and alAnsar arrested the Security Officer of Daesh for all the South of Syria nearby Ibtaa, after monitoring his moves for several month . “Mohammad Ibrahim” alHalqi” nicknamed “alBiss”,  is wanted to have masterminded several operations against the FSA and civilians and  assassinations against the FSA commanders.

Infographic of Liwa alMuhajirin and alAnsar


Al Dorar reported that alBiss travelled lately to Raqqa where he declared his allegiance to Daesh and met with Abu Ayub alIraki who assigned security duties to him in the South of Syria.

Al Halki aka “alBiss” after his arrest.


Picture from al Dorar. No mention of credit.