#Syria|Aleppo|RU/TU agreement ? Ceasefire 20/10 and 2 corridors for JFS

Russia declares ceasefire 20/10 and opens 2 corridors for JFS fighters to leave the city of Aleppo.

Enab Baladi reports an article  published in the Turkish newspaper Oksham last friday after Putin’s visit to Turkey on 10 Octobre 2011. In the article, Oksham mentionned a plan which includes a cease fire between all the warring factions, beginning to deliver humanitarian aid urgently to the besieged areas and deploy field hospitals in mostly needed locations.

This agreement has been confirmed by Turkey FM after the Lausanne meeting , when he asked JFS to leave Aleppo.

According to Oksham, the plan includes the fight against Daesh and JFS in cooperation with the int’l coalition and the Russian forces, after securing the truce, in addition to develop and impose a map for a political settlement between the opposition and the regime, and impose a safe zone.

But the Opposition forces and JFS have refuse to leave Eastern Aleppo  for they consider it as a surrender after more than four years of shelling.