#Syria|Aleppo rif| AlBab and after alBab

This is a summary of collated comments by FSA commanders in different newspapers in arabic, about albab and after alBab

FSA commander, Abu Ahmad alAssi told Sharq alAwsat that rebels have been working on a new strategy to break the siege of Aleppo.  He stated that

“the battle to break the siege of Aleppo has not been delayed” but they have layed down ” different strategic changes and military operations from those we have been implementing in the former battles. When we will reach the town of alBab, we have arrived to Sheikh Najjar (alSenaeya) which will reprent a pressure on the regime. So far, this front line has been a cold line between Daesh and the regime.”

FSA Colonel Ahmad Uthman (Ahmad Murad) told SNN that the battle to liberate alBab has started this morning. He added that many villages will be liberated in the next hours.

He confirmed that there are no red lines which stop  the rebels to fighting Assad and QASAD forces  because they are terrorist groups, and there is no difference between them and Daesh, he added.  We have prepared as well a military plan to move toward both towns of alBab and Aleppo as to thwart any attempt by any side (he meant QASAD and Assad’s forces) to move in the region and stop us  to reaching the outskirts of the city of Aleppo and break the siege. “

He hinted that the Euphrate Shield goal is to reach alBab area and that the factions who participate to the battle did not pledge to any red lines that forbide them to participate to the battle of Aleppo and recapture the villages controlled by QASAD and the Assad’s forces in the North of Aleppo countryside within the next phases after alBab.

Why the liberation of alBab is important ?

FSA considers the control of the town of alBab very important. It means that Daesh will be uprooted from its last stronghold in Aleppo countryside and ward off the specter of Daesh unexpected attacks on the liberated villages.

Frontlines with Kurdish units and Assad’s forces will turn hot.  The control of alBab will give FSA greater opportunity to relieve the pressure on other Aleppo frontlines which are facing fierce attacks by the sectarian militias.

Aleppo Province map