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More Than 50 Martyrs Reported Due to Russian Airstrikes on Aleppo and Its Suburbs… and Clashes in Damascus Suburbs

Field Report – LCC

The Russian warplanes committed two massacres in Aleppo and its suburbs, by which they claimed dozens of civilian lives and injured many others while fierce battles broke out south of the city. Assad’s helicopters, on the other hand, intensified their airstrikes on the cities and towns in the Eastern and the Western Ghoutas of Damascus when the revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance at Zakia front.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported that the Russian warplanes – targeting the houses in Oweijel village with bunker-busting missiles – committed a massacre that killed more than 30 civilians and injured dozens. They also claimed the lives of 14 people and injured dozens during another massacre they committed targeting Marja neighborhood in the besieged city.
He added that 5 civilians, including 2 children and 2 women, were martyred due to similar airstrikes on Zaroura area near Kafrlaha town in the western suburbs. Similar shelling was reported in each of Orm Kubra and Khan Asal towns.
He pointed out that the revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance at the fronts of Ahad Hill south of the city where fierce clashes between the two parties took place and left several casualties among the latter. Similar clashes broke out at the fronts of Project 1070 Apartments.
The revolutionists announced killing more than 10 militants of Iraqi “Nojabaa” Movement in an ambush they set at Aziza front east of Aleppo.
On the other hand, LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce battles between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces took place at the surroundings of Zakia and Sasaa towns in the Western Ghouta amid heavy artillery shelling on the two towns. Moreover, Assad’s helicopters dropped 3 barrel bombs on Zakia city, Hasno town and the road connecting Zakia and Khan Shieh town.
He added that Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Rihan town and Tal Kurdi area in the Eastern Ghouta while land forces targeted the vicinities of the besieged Zabadani and Boqain cities as well as Ifra village in Wadi Barada area using heavy artillery
In Hama, the revolutionists targeted locations of Assad’s forces at Zein Aabedin Mountain using Grad missiles. However, Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Latamna and Maardis towns in the northern suburbs.
In Daraa, Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on Daraa Camp, Dael city and Ibtaa town in the western suburbs. Assad’s forces also targeted Tareeq Sad neighborhood in Daraa Balad with a Fil surface-to-surface missile.
In Latakia, Assad’s forces, located at Zahiya Mountain, targeted the borderlines with Turkey in Turkmen Mountain in the northern suburbs.
In Deir Ezzor, Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhoods, controlled by Daesh, with heavy artillery while UN cargo planes dropped food baskets on Assad-forces-run areas.