#Syria|Hama rif Battle|#FSA update

Jaish alEzzat destroyed a regime T72 on alAbadi hilltop with a roket 120 mm


Jaish alEzzat towed a batch of Assad’s militias killing a large number of themcu5saxgxeaa6idy

Jaish alEzzat towed a T72 at Maardes front and killed the crew. cu5ta7lw8au8ymo

Jaish alEzzat killed 17 of Assad’s militias at Maardes environs during fierce clashes. cu5dnu8xeaa7f9i

Jaish alEzzat took Assad’s militias prisonners at Ma’ardes environs.


FSA recaptured Maardes after fierce clashes.



Jaish alEzzat pounded Assad’s militias on Zain alAbidin moutain top with Grads.cu5gyomxeaac2vv

Jaish alEzzat destroyed a regime arm depot on Zain alAbibin mounatin with Grad missiles.cu5jok2w8aa3oo9

FSA Jaish al Nasr has also targeted the Assad’s militias in Qamhana and Maardes mills.