#Syria|Aleppo news brief|Assad’s militias attacks foiled and many reported killed

Rebels foiled several attempts on Sunday morning by Assad’s militias to progress toward several neighborhoods in the besieged city of Aleppo. Many of Assad’s militias have been reported killed and injured.

The old city of Aleppo

Rebels also foiled the militias attempted to progress on Maysallun  in the old city and killed a batch of them after they have attracted them into the area.  Another attempt to progress toward alQastal Harami in the old city of Aleppo was also thwarted by the rebels who reported to have killed no less than 4 of the militias and injured others.

Other neighborhoods of  Aleppo

They took back over all the points captured by Assad’s militias during their progress in Karam alTarrab, and also foiled the militias attack on AlEskan alAskariya at Sheikh Said, south of Aleppo and grabbed their light spoils.

South Aleppo Countryside

Rebels reported to have killed 5 of the Assad’s militias and injured others on sunday morning after a failed attempt to progress on Aziza frontline.

Air attacks on the neighborhoods

Civilians have been reported killed and injured as the result of AC attacks on

Sukkari-alAnsari-alEnzarat-Salah Eddine-Hannano and Bustan alQasr.