#Syria news brief for 16/10/2016 via LCCSy

FSA Keep Moving Forward in North Aleppo, and Losses for Assad’s Forces in Damascus Suburbs

Field Report – LCC

FSA kept moving forward in the northern countryside of Aleppo after pushing back Daesh from several villages in the context of “Euphrates Shield” battle. The revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to the neighborhoods of Old Aleppo. Assad’s forces suffered massive losses in Eastern Ghouta during the clashes. The warplanes launched intensive airstrikes on several locations in Syria.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo stated that FSA, supported by Turkey and the International Coalition warplanes, captured the strategic village of Dabeq in the early morning. He pointed out that Daesh members retreated south to Isinbul village, which FSA captured later, in addition to the towns and villages of Souran, Hor Nahir, Ihtimilat, and Salhiya.
On the other hand, the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to the fronts of Maysaloun and Qastal Harami and they took back all the points that Assad’s forces had taken over earlier in the morning in Karm Trab neighborhood in Old Aleppo, where dozens among Assad’s forces were killed and wounded.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Rihan front in Douma city. The clashes ended up with killing and injuring 30 members among Assad’s forces and taking back the points Assad’s forces had taken over earlier. The revolutionists captured also a military bulldozer, along with surface-to-surface missiles shelling.
Assad’s forces targeted Nashabia town in Eastern Ghouta with light and medium arms. They also targeted with snipers and medium machineguns Ain Fija village in Wadi Barada, and injured a young man.
They targeted as well Khan Shih farmlands in Western Ghouta with heavy artillery and tank shells. Similar shelling targeted the outskirts of Tadamun neighborhood in Damascus.

As for Hama, the revolutionists destroyed a vehicle supported with a Doshka machinegun in the front of Abadi southeast Maardis town in the northern countryside. Assad’s warplanes launched several airstrikes on Kafarzita city and the towns of Latamna and Maardis in the northern countryside.

In the same context, wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on the residential neighborhoods of Rastan city in the northern countryside. Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Skeik town in the southern countryside, according to LCC correspondent.

In Deir Ezzour, UN plane dropped parachutes with food parcels over Assad-run territories in the city in the morning. The warplanes bombarded Hweija Sakir neighborhood in the city, Tharda Mountain in the vicinity of the military airbase, and Biqrous town in the eastern countryside.

In Daraa to the south, Assad’s warplanes bombarded Dael city and Ibtaa town in the western countryside and Gharia Gharbia town in the eastern countryside