#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|Daesh tootings : “Dabiq retrograded to a minor battle”


Dabeq battle has been labled a Major battle due to its messianic meaning. Daesh followers believe it will be the last battle between the muslims and the apostats,  who will  be victorious and  will spread islam throughout the world.

Geographically, Dabiq is the key city to reach alBab southward.

This morning, the battle started with an important FSA and TU army mobilization and intense shelling on Dabiq to increase the military pressure on the organization. FSA has secured its eastern side.

Daesh  which has become well aware of FSA and TU intentions and balance of forces in the battle of the Euphrates Shield, has begun to promote Dabiq as a Minor Battle  under a religious cover as published in its newspaper alAnba’. The article lowers the importance of the Battle of Dabiq from a Major Battle to a Minor one, because the conditions of the Major Battle has not yet been achieved as stipulated in the Hadith. Daesh is attempting to prepare its followers to a defeat/withdrawal in order to not lose their trust specially after Baghdadi’s recorded message at the end of last year that “after Dabiq, we will conquer the world”.