#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 52nd day updates

Intense shelling on  the village of  Sawran held by Daesh.
TU Army declares to have destroyed 80 Daesh positions within the Euphrates Shield battle.
FSA controls alGhilaniya ( red circle) affiliated to Akhtarin district.


FSA controls back alAziziya at the west of Akhtarin.

FSA controls al Kuwaiti farms.


FSA controls Arshaf (picturesand confirmed below) and Kafra farms (no official confirmation yet).


FSA controls the village Ghaytun


FSA controls Sawran (no official confirmation). Mustafa Sejari who is Mu’tassen spox confirmed than cancelled his tweet
Sawran back to the Revolution fold
FSA has entered Sawran but withdrew after Daesh carbomb explosion. Clashes are taking place at the outskirts.