#Syria|Aleppo Sth rif| 4 Regime attacks foiled and dozens of Assad’s militias killed

Today 15/10/2016 they killed dozens of the Assad’s militias after their failed attempt to progress in South Aleppo rif and Aleppo.

  1. Assad’s militias attempt to progress towards the AF battalion nearby Khan Sheikhun depot in Sth rif of Aleppo, killing and injuring dozens of them and destroying a BMP.
  2. The Assad’s militias have attempted to progress toward Aziza front for the second consecutive day, but their attempt was foiled. No less than 17 of the Assad’s militias have been killed during the clashes.

  1. The Assad’s militias have attempted to progress toward the Ayubiya in Jabal alHoss nearby the Defense factory in South Aleppo rif, and were forced to pull back.

  1. In the town of Aleppo, rebels foiled Assad’s militias to progress toward Sheikh Said in the south of the besieged Aleppo, confirming they have killed and injured dozens of them.

Civilians have been reported killed and injured as the result of RU AF attaks on Karam alTarrab in Aleppo, and 10 have been reported injured after an AC attack on the int”l  drug factory based in alMansura at the west of Aleppo rif. AC attacks were carried out also in the evening,  on Sheikh Ali village and Jami’yat Rif alMuhandissin in the west of Aleppo rif;