#Syria|Activists: “The Greatest Battle of Aleppo is approaching”

Russian and Iranians have thrown all their forces and hundreds of air attacks to control the town of Aleppo, one of the most important Revolution Soul spot.  Not a single day goes by without daily attacks have been carried on the liberated areas of Aleppo by the Iranians, Halesh, Assad’s shabbiha, Kurdish unit militias to control the town and expel the rebels. Russia strategy is to reinforce the failing and falling Assad.

One FSA officer told Eyes on Homeland that rebels are preparing to fight the greatest battle of Aleppo, that  will be epic and  will break the Russians and the Iranians. He added that there is a unified work set by the major factions of the revolution and the Mujahidins are determined to break the siege of Aleppo city and control the entire city. Plenty of surprses have been prepared for the battle that is approaching. He also added good news concerning the merging of the rebel factions as it has been demanded by  the Revolution partisans.

Below picture is used to say that the Greatest Battle is approaching.