#Syria| There are no less than 30 000 bloodthirsty shia militias working w/Russia in Aleppo (video)

Embedded video of an Iraki prisonner caught in Sheikh Said, south  of Aleppo :

He is iraki and 25 yr old.

He came to Syria to defend and protect Zaynab Shrine, finish off the revolution and the people on the ground that it will end Daesh existence.

Number of militias in Aleppo controlled by the regime 

  • 2000 of ?
  • 2000 of  ?
  • 2000 of ?
  • 8000 iranians
  • 6000 Halesh
  • 2000 Afghans
  • 2000 Zaynabiyun
  • The way he counts them, I can”t tell if they are 18000 or 30000.

Coordination with AC through irakis and iraniens officers.

Syrian forces job is only to bring food and amunitions.

The battle of Shaikh Said

3 factions fought in Shaikh Said : Hassem alJawa- Afghans and Zaynabiyun. The battle began  with a violent pre-emptive shelling. Then, the militias entered the neighborhood with 75 men under an iranian commander Abbas??? 70 were killed.  5 were alived. They asked for help and no one answered because “we are irakians.”

The embedded video footage :