#Syria news for 15/10/2016 via LCCSy – 1

Homs Russian warplanes target #Talbeesa city and the villages of #Farhania #Ghanto and #Kisin in the northern suburbs with thermobaric missiles

Damascus_Suburbs: warplanes launch several airstrikes on the town of #Rihan and other areas in #Eastern_Ghouta

Aleppo: Russian warplanes launch several airstrikes with vacuum missiles on the towns of #Mansora and #Daret_Ezza in the western suburbs

Idlib Assad’s warplanes launch 3 airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the town of #Tamanaa in the southern suburbs

Idlib Assad’s warplanes launch an airstrike thermobaric with thermobaric missiles on the surroundings of the city and keep flying over the area

Deir_Ezzor Warplanes launched, last night, 4 airstrikes, 2 of them with cluster bombs, on the surroundings of the Military Airport

Daraa Assad’s forces target civilians’ houses in #Yadoda town in the western suburbs with Shilka and heavy artillery

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces completely conquer the town of #Deir_Khabia after fierce clashes with revolutionists and amid heavy shelling with all kinds of weapons forcing the revolutionists to withdraw to the farmlands between the town and #Khan_Sheih

Damascus_Suburbs Adnan Ibrahin Jrodi was martyred during clashes with Assad’s forces on the fronts of #Douma city in #Eastern_Ghouta

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces target the road to #Afra in #Wadi_Barada witg heavy and medium machine guns

Daraa: Assad’s forces based in #Manshia neighborhood target the neighborhoods of Daraa Balad with an explosive cylinder