#Syria news as reported or 16/10/2016 via LCCSy -1

Damascus_Suburbs: Assad’s forces target the road to #Ifrah village in #Wadi_Barada with heavy machineguns

Damascus_Suburbs: the Lebanese militant group of Hezbollah target the outskirts of #Madaya town with mortar shells

Damascus_Suburbs: Assad’s forces and the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah based in the outskirts of the sieged town of #Madaya target it with medium and heavy machineguns and mortar shells

Idlib: Russian warplanes launch airstrikes on Idlib city, the outskirts of #Binnish city and #Taftanaz in northeast Idlib

Damascus_Suburbs: military commander in Ahrar Sham in Harmon Sector, Abu Omar Washqiqah, and media activist Abou Al-Qasem Samet were martyred in a landmine of Assad’s forces remnants explosion during the clashes

Aleppo: Assad’s helicopters drop barrel bombs on #Sukkari neighborhood.

Damascus_Suburbs: Russian warplanes carry out two cluster missile attacks on the eastern farmlands of #Khan_Shih city