#Syria| #Madaya|40,000 Syrians besieged by #Halesh, #Assad regime with no access to doctors |

Some 40,000 Syrians, more than half of them forcibly moved last year by Hezbollah and Assad regime forces to Madaya, Biqqin and Zabadani, lack access to qualified doctors, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported yesterday.

Civilians are being besieged in these three towns by Hezbollah and Assad regime forces in order to put pressure on opposition forces who have besieged Fu’a and Kafraya in the countryside around the northern city of Idlib.

The Assad regime intends to use civilians it has forcibly held in these towns on the outskirts of Damascus as a bargaining chip to force the opposition to lift their siege on the towns they have blockaded near Idlib.

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