#Syria|Rebels killed 6 RU officers, in addition to iranian and regime officers in #Hama

Rebels killed 6 Russian officers among them one major, in addtion to a number of iranians and syrian officers and those who have been escorting them, during a security operation.

Details :

Sham Legion Security Services  has been monitoring russian officers moves for more than 3 consecutive months  inside the town of Hama. Following the results, an operation was mounted to target the russian officers at point zero of the area where the it would be carried with success.

Sham Legion security service was able to mount the operation, enabling the executors to  break through the regime security net and  carry out successfully the operation  today at Midday – 12 am-,  which confused the Military service and the guards who were escorting  the convoy.  The results were very painful to them.

This operation is only the tip of the iceberg of what is waiting the Russians and the occupiers of our land. What comes next will be much greater.