#Syria|Daesh hootings as FSA gets nearer to Dabeq

Daesh declares the Great Battle and the 2nd time, calls for a full mobilization

As FSA has liberated a large number of villages and is approaching from Dabeq which is controlled by Daesh, the latter has declared for the second time the Great Battle is very close and called all the young men in Raqqa to take up the arms and fight with their brothers of the organization. 

Daesh confirmed to the people that more than 100 000 fighters have been  well trained and well equiped of Jaish alKhelafa (Army of Caliphate) have arrived to the 1st defense lines and are waiting for zero hour to start the Great Battle.

The preachers affiliated to Daesh said that God will help Daesh soldiers, and said that even the organization loses the battle, it will be the greatest exterminaiton of the kuffars allied to Erdogan and US. The preachers asked all the families to push their sons to participate to the battle because it is an honour to every muslim.