#Syria|Aleppo news for 14/10/2016 – 1

Clushes between the rebels and the Assad’s militias at alBreij and Sheikh Najjar – noth of Aleppo.

Air attack on the Leramon with heavy machineguns.

RuAF  attacks on Mashru’ 1070 with  cluster bombs and thermobaric missiles. Rebels killed  no less than 20 of Assad’s forces and militias in the same area.

5 civilians reported killed among them children,  as the result of AC attack on Kafr Halab, Tariq alBab and alQaterji.

Assad’s militias on al Arba’iniyat hilltop target the village of Batrana in Aleppo sth rif.

1 rescuer of Sham ambulances was killed in alSha’ar as the result of air attack.

Assad’s militias shell alMaysar neighborhood from the citadel.

4 air attacks with bunker busters target alMaysar and Bustan alQasr.

Attack with bunker busters on Karam alTahan.

Fire ignited in the railway station at Kafr Halab environs as the result of RuAF attack with thermobaric missiles.

RuAF attack on Karam al Maysar with bunker busters.

RuAF attack on alMashad with bunker busters.

Air attacks with thermobaric missiles and bunker busters on Afyul and Bab al Hadid.

RU AF attacks with cluster bombs on al Sukkari.

Assad’s militias shelling on Sakhur, Haydariyat and Hanano.

RU AF buns Aleppo – the residential area – embedded video