#Syria news for 14/10/2016 – 4

IC aircrafts have carried out attacks on the villages of Ahtimalat and Sawran within the Euphrates Shield. Artillery shelling on Sawran.

Assad’s militias target the Zebdiya  and al Ansari in Aleppo.

1 civilian reported killed as the result of AC attack on Kafr Halab in Aleppo.

Many injured among them children as the result of AC attacks on Bab alHadid in Aleppo.

AC attacks on Suran and Maardes in Hama rif.

Assad’s militias shell al Sa’an and Um Sharshuh in Homs Nth rif.

Rebels target the regime militias in Thu’la airbase – Daraa rif.

Air attack with thermobaric missiles on alQantara in Hama rif.