#Syria| #Deir_Ezzor brief

5 Regime AC attacks on the town of Deir Ezzor after Daesh carried out a series of attacks.

ACs intense flying over alMayzin at a low altitude.

More civilians leaving Daesh controlled areas such as alMayazin and alAshara, and other towns of villages after they have paid huge amount of money to Daesh.

Saher Sattam died  under torture in Assad’s jail 3 years after he has been jailed on charges to hide defectors.

Many Irakis and Jazrawiyin Muhajirin  arrived to most of the  towns and villages in the east of the Province.

Daesh arrested 3 civilians on charges to sell satellite dishes.

Daesh informs alMayazin residents that they will power and water bills with the islamic dirham as of next month.

Daesh informs all the security officers to confiscate all the properties of the former FSA and those who left  to give them to the new comers from Mossul.

Rents has gone up in alBukamal after the arrival of new comers from Irak.

Daesh fined 3 invididuals 3 golden pounds each after found with internet devices not agreed by Daesh.


Source : Euphrates Post in arabic