#Syria| A massacre by a deliberate IC Air attacks in nth of Raqqa

Civilians were reported killed and injured as the result of reported IC air atacks on al Ghazli in the north of Raqqa, where activists have documented more than 11 killed in addition to a number of  injured.

Activists say that the AC attacks targeted deliberately Sheikh “Daham alQa’shish’s home in the village with 6 missiles. Sheikh Daham alQa’shish is the chief of one of the largest arab tribe in the region.  These attacks resulted with civilians reported killed among them 2 women and one chid. Some of the injured have been transported to the hospitals in Raqqa. .

The names are as follows :

  1. Abdel Shahin.
  2. Wazne alShahin.
  3. Hamish Salame.
  4. Nayef alKa’shish’s wife.
  5. and
  6. 2 Nayef alKa’shish’s  children.
  7. Hamish  alHassan.
  8. Mussa and Qadro
  9. Salmat al Hamad’s  3 children

    ونشر ناشطون أسماء الذين استشهدوا جراء القصف وهم:
    1- عبد الشاهين.
    2- وزنه الشاهين.
    3- حميش سلامة.
    4- زوجة نايف الكعيشيش.
    5-6- طفلين أبناء نايف الكعيشيش.
    7- حميش الحسن.
    8- موسى الكدرو.
    9-10-11- ثلاثة من أبناء سلامة الحمد.