#Syria|RU Sputnik propaganda lies for the regime, that also ridicules it

RU Sputnik newspaper reports an information published by Hmimim Centre that the number of villages and towns in Syria that have signed a truce with the regime is 775. The names of those 775 towns and villages are not published.  Than, Sputnik added that 11 representatives of villages and towns of both Latakia and Hama have signed a reconciliation agreement within 24 hours, without also naming the reported villages and towns.

Sputnik also published another story that “Death sentence to anyone who abducts a syrian citizen”, but the newspaper has forgotten to mention that the regime holds the winning award of number of abductions as it has snatched no less than half a million syrians who died either under torture or have bee taken to unknown locations.

A third story published by the RU newspaper, the regime asks all students in Yemen and Lybia to return to Syria for their safety. No wonder, if Syria is much safer  !