#Syria|Regime gives the PKK tons of amunitions and night binoculors to monitor the turkish borders

The security comittee that is affiliated to the regime in al Hassakeh, has provided PKK 25 tons of amunitios, vehicles and night binoculars to monitor the syrian-turkish borders.

The Security comittee headed by Brigadier General Ali Dyad who is the Military security branch chief, with the participation of Brigadier Generals  Munzer alZabah who is State Security Branch Chief, Hussein Abdallh AF intelligence Chief, Mhammad Maya (commander of Brigade 153) in Tartab, and Qamishli region director, in addition to the officer in charge to coordinate the relations between the regime and kurdish militias, and other representatives of the Kurdish Second Defense Administration,   has decided to send more helps to the Kurdish militias and Assayesh that are affiliated to the PYD.

The meeting lasted 3 hours and ended with the following decisions:


  • to provide 12 binoculars to PKK in alMalakiya and Qahtaniya to monitor the borders with Turkey.
  • 25 tons of different amunitions (light and middle range calibers) from the Brigade 154 arm depots.
  • 5 large vehicles to transport items to the sourhtern front.

Source : Zaman alWasl arabic https://www.zamanalwsl.net/news/74247.html#.V__jk94Io0A.twitter