#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3 | 50th day brief

Daesh attacked Maer with Katyusha, killing 2 civilians and injuring 8 others among them 4 children.

2 IC air attacks and TU artillery shelling targeted Daesh spots in the town of Sawran and the village of Ahtimalat, along with clashes between Daesh and FSA at the outskirts of the village, in an attempt by the first to recapture it.

TU Army declared that 24 of Daesh were killed during the IC air attacks on Sawran, Arshaf and Ahtimalat. The air attacks destroyed a building used by the organization as a HQ in Aleppo Nth rif.

Daesh succeeded to recapture Duweibiq and Kafra yesterday night after FSA withdrawal, but FSA recaptured both sites after fierce clashes with Daesh.