#Syria news for 13/10/2016 via LCCSy – 4

Damascus_Suburbs: Assad’s helicopters drop two barrel bombs on #Deirkhabia town in Western Ghouta

Idlib: Assad’s forces based in Maan village target #Skeik and #Tamanaa towns in the southern suburb with heavy artillery

Aleppo: children Lujain and Malak Anjirini and there father were martyred in the Russian airstrikes on #Bustan_Qasir neighborhood

Damascus_Suburbs fierce clashes between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on several axes in #Deir_Khibia in Western Ghouta and several members of Assad’s forces were captured due to an ambush in a farm near the town

#Idlib a martyr and several wounded were reported due to warplanes airstrikes on #Binnish city with thermobaric missiles