#Syria news for 13/10/2016- 5

Assad’s miltiias in the Defense factory targets Khan Tuman and alEis, in Sth Aleppo rif.

Rebels destroyed a regime gunfield 14.5 and killed its crew Dahiyat alAssad in Aleppo.

AC attacks on Tamnaa and Sikik in Idlib rif.

Regime shells an sts missile on Dar Kahbiya in Damascus rif, from Talat Kawakab.

Regime shells the Tariq alSad from al Manshiya in Daraa town.

Regime shells Jabata alKhashab in Quneitara rif.

Assad’s militias target alRashidin in Aleppo with artillery shells and rockets.

Rebels killed dozens of Assad’s miliitas in al Aziza, Sth of Aleppo.

Curfew in Azaz in north of Aleppo,  following an carbomb attack that killed no less than 15 civilians and injured several others.

AC attack on the village of Atshan in Hama rif.