#Syria| Damascus rif brief : heavy losses for Assad

Todayt Assad’s militias incurred heavy losses on thursday morning 13/10/2016:

  • rebels foiled an attempt by the Assad’s militias to storm the int’l road Damascus-Homs  after fierce clashes.
    Activists said that the militias backed by the AC and artillery shelling, attempted to attack positions nearby the int’l road which is controlled by the rebels, wich resulted in fierce clashes between both sides and rebels succeeded to foil the attacks.  Rebels succeeded to discover the point of infiltration used by the militias, which is a tunnel nearby Kazyat alAman and blew it out, killing  and injuring no less than 15 of them. After that failed attempt to capture rebel positions, Assad’s militias has targeted the road for more than 3 hours.
  • In E. AlGhota, clashes took place at the outskirts of the town of Ryhan when Assad’s militias and forces attempted to infiltrate through the sand barriers, and rebels succeeded to foil that attack.