#Syria| compiled Assad’s militias and RUAF attacks on Damascus rif in 12 hours

Below compiled RuAF and Assad’s attacks on Damascus rif,  were compiled between 12 hrs to 22 hrs on 12/10/2016

Eastern Ghouta


Fierce clashes between Daesh and Assad’s forces at the surroundings of #Yarmouk_Camp with various weapons and warplanes fly intensely over the area.

Warplanes launched 3 airstrikes on the neighborhood of #Jober.
Video 1 Jobar : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LUoz_2yi1w

Western Ghouta

  •  Assad’s helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on the eastern parts of #Khan_Sheih Camp in the Western Ghouta.
  • Russian warplanes launched 2 airstrikes with cluster bombs on the farms of #Khan_Sheih in the Western Ghouta yesterday night.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 3 barrel bombs on #Derkhabia town in the #Western_Ghouta.
  • Assad’s forces, located at #Kawkab Hill, targeted the farms in #Derkhabia in the Western Ghouta with heavy artillery.
  • Assad’s forces based in the Republican Guard targeted #Ifrah road with medium machine guns.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 12 barrel bombs, loaded with Napalm, on #Deirkhabia town in Western Ghouta.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs, loaded with Napalm, on #Khan_Shih camp.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 3 barrel bombs, loaded with Napalm, on #Deirkhabia town, and mount them up to 15 barrels.

Source: LCCSy and attacks were carried out on 12/10/2016