#Syria| Aleppo brief| Deads are piling up: many FSA killed in Azaz carbomb by Daesh

25 individuals were killed in the carbomb attack carried out by Daesh ealier at the entrance of Azaz, most of them are from FSA Shamiya Front. A large number of civilians are reported to hav been injured and some are in  a very critical condition.

In Aleppo, the number of killed has reached 50 and  dozens of  civilian injured as the result of RuAF air attacks on al Fardous, Sakhur, Shaar, Bustan al Qasr, Kallaseh, Mayasar, Qaterji, Sheikh Khudr, Masaken Hannano. 20 air attacks with bunkr buster have been carried. 5 air attacks with missiles filled with incendiary bombs  and 7 air  attacks with cluster bombs. The remaining attacks have been carried out with thermobaric bombs on several neighborhoods.  Those attacks have destroyed shops and properties, and search for the missing is still taking place. ”.

Daesh targeted Maer with Katyusha missiles, killing 2 civilians and injuring 7 others among them 4 children.