#Syria|Aleppo daily brief for 12/10/2016

Air attacks on alFardous with Bunker Busters on al Fardous reulted in 45 civilians most of them women and children reported killed in the first air attack. Rescuers were targeted and injured as the result of a second air attack.

Dozen of Air attacks with thermobaric and bunker buster missiles targeted the neighborhoods of Zebdiye, Kallaseh, Bustan alQasr, Sheikh Fares, alHulk and Bab Nayrab since dawn, and resulted in mor than 40 civilians reported killed in all the city.

Video of the 3rd attack on al Fardous with bunker buster missiles :

FSA towed a regime Kornet launcher at Jabhat alMalllah and repelled an attack in Mashru 1070.