#Syria| 3 factions in the North will merge in one army very soon – report

Ahrar -Nureddine Zenghi and Sham Legion in one merging army ver soon.

The 3 armed factions, among the biggest in the north, are on the verge to merge into one army. This army will be opened to other factions to join the large group.

A special source told Shaam News that a meeting was held between the commanders of the 3 factions, who agreed to merge in one army.  The source who requested anonimity, said the meeting was the last of a series of arrangements and understandings, the development of principles and foundations. It ended with the 3 commanders agreeing to merge, and end divisions and dispersions.

The 3 factions (Ahrar-Zenghi-Sham Legion) hope that their merging will encourage others to join them in this new body that has become necessary due to very complicated  internal and external issues, especially after the collapse of the int’l understanding  and transforming the Syrian territory into an arena to settle foreign disputes.