#Syria|Update Aleppo


The area is still controlled by PYD . 11 civilians among them children and women died as the result of suicide bomb attack carried out by Daesh in the village of al Mashi. QASAD decreted the curfew in the town of Manbej from tonight to tomorrow morning.

Aleppo besieged Town

Ongoing Massacres taking place in the neighborhoods of the town that were targeted by dozens of air attacks on Bustan alQasr-alFardous-alQaterji-alMuwasaltat-Salihin. 24 civilians have been killed in Bustan al Qasr, 12 in alFardous, no less than 2 in alQaterji in addition to dozens of Civilians injured.

Militarily, FSA blew out a building at midnight in Suleiman alHalabi where Assad’s militias have been barricaded , killing and injuring dozens of them. Reports mention No less than 20 killed. FSA also foiled Assad’s militias attack at Suleiman alHalabi front early this morning, killing a number of them and grabbing their spoils.

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Aftermatth of the air attacks on Fardous

A bunker buster landed between buildings in alQaterji. 1 woman killed.