#Syria|Hama rif battle|update

  • Rebels destroyed 1 regime tank with an ATGM on the Shilka barrier at the east of Kabbariya.
  • Fierce clashes took place at Kawkab front amid intense Assad’s militias shellings.
  • More than 20 air attacks on Maan and Kawkab :


  • Rebels destroyed a gunfield 14.5 mm at Kawkab front.
  • Rebels detroyed 2 regime tanks in Kawkab.
  • Soran :  activits counted more than 30 AC and Helicopter attacks and more than 100 shells on the town.
  • Rebels control Kawkab. 1 building inside Kawkab was destroyed with the regime militias inside. They also destroyed a ZIL transporting Assad’s militias inside the village.
  • Rebels damaged a SU 22 that took off from Homs airbases and was forced to land in Hama airbase.