#Syria Coast|Tartus and Latakia|Bodies of civilians killed found floating on the shores

“Sputnik” Russian agency reported on Monday that many bodies of  civilians who have been executed,  were found on the shore of Tartous City that is fully controlled by the regime. The Agency also wrote that the Russian naval forces have pulled out the bodies, most of them children and women have been executed with knives and thrown near the beach. The agency added that the crews of Russian warships always see bodies of dead civilians on the beach, and they lift and transport to the port of Tatus. 

Indeed,  Sputnik wrote those bodies have been by the “terrorists of moderate factions and IS Group militants”. It is notewhorthy that  the entire Syrian coastal line is controlled only by Assad’s forces, which the regime militia and shabbiha  the only suspected killers. it has been reported in the past that scores of civilians have been killed by the so called “Shabbiha of alJabal” and were thrown on the shores of Latakia and Tartus.