Agriculture Declines in #syria Once Green Governorate via DamascusBureau

Abu Amer’s once-flourishing farm in rural Idlib is now in a terrible state.

“Agriculture has become one of the most difficult and most demanding jobs these days. It is extremely difficult to secure the most basic requirements for farming, including water,” the 42-year old told Damascus Bureau.

Although Abu Amer has an artesian well and water pump on his land, he cannot afford the high fuel prices to run it, or to pay for maintenance and repair costs.

In the past, he was able to irrigate his fields all year round, producing winter and summer crops he sold at a great profit.

Now Abu Amer must rely on seasonal rainfall which generates a poor and unreliable harvest.

Abu Amer is one of hundreds of farmers in Idlib’s countryside – a fertile area that used to be nicknamed the Green Governorate – whose livelihood has been hurt by the ongoing war.

The astronomical prices of crops has also left consumers at a great disadvantage.

Umm Alaa, a resident of Kfar Nabel city, attributes these high prices to the greed of both producers and sellers.

“They complain about the rise and fall in fuel prices, but they are making huge profits,” the 45 year-old said.

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