#Syria|Latakia rif|New Battle – Ghazwat Ashura to liberate Jabal Akrad



Reminder : Assad’s militias have recaptured several important positions in Jabal Akrad with the help of the RU AF, in an attempt to progress toward villages and towns in Idlib western Rif to bypass the town of Jisr alShughur, which would help the regime protect its positions in Jabal Akrad and Sahl alghab

The battle began with pre-emptive shelling the Assad’s militias at Kansebe and its neighboring areas along with clashes at several axcis in areas.

The stormers

Rebels have liberated Talat al Malek and Buyut alJanzarli in Jabal Akrad


  • Rebels liberate 2 hills:  Talat al Burkan and talat Dababat entirely.
  • Rebels controls Talat al Mqanes;
  • Rebels liberate Talat and the village of Rasha at Kansebbe outskirt.


  • Rebels broke through the first regime defense line in Nahshabbe.
  • Rebels destroyed 1 regime tank on talat alKanisa.


  • FSA Fagoted 8 of the Assad’s militias among them an officer at Rasha axis.
  • Rebels captured alAzm barrier at the entrance of Nahshebbe. And they have captured Nahshebbe.