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Several Locations Liberated in Latakia Suburbs as Revolutionists Announced a New Battle to Liberate Kurds Mountain

Latakia – LCC

Revolutionist battalions took over several hills today in Kurds Mountain in the northern suburb of Latakia just a few hours after they launched a battle under the name of “Ashoura'” to liberate the whole mountain from Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups.
LCC correspondent in Latakia stated that the revolutionists liberated Malik Hills, Rwesa Malik, Maqnis, Burkan, Byuot Janzirli, Tanks Hill, Rasha Hill and village in Kurds Mountain after fierce clashes with Assad’s forces which suffered massive losses in members and arms.
The correspondent added up that the revolutionists were able to liberate Azem checkpoint in Kurds Mountain, which is considered as the most important defensive front of Nahshiba village.
The correspondent said that the revolutionists started storming Malik Hill after targeting Assad’s forces gatherings in Kurds Mountain with heavy artillery and missile launchers. Many members among Assad’s forces were killed as a result and another one was captivated, in addition to capturing a tank and personal arms.
The revolutionists targeted a group of Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups as well with an anti-armor missile in the axis of Ghazala Hill, and killed all of them. They also destroyed a tank for Assad’s forces in Kansiba axis with a TOW missile.
The correspondent pointed out that the revolutionists are still moving forward as Assad’s forces retreats after the massive losses in spirits and arms.