#Syria|Hama rif battle| Update

  • Rebels target Assad’s militias at Sugar factory-Railway stattion, regime forces at the west of Zain alAbidin.


  • Rebels foiled Assad’s militi
  • a attempt to progress toward Kawkab.
  • Rebels recapture Kabbariya -village and barrier.


  • Fierce clashes are taking place between Rebels and Assad’s militias, to recapture the areas taken over yesterday by the militias in North of Hama rif.
  • Rebels recaptured Ma’an.
  • Clashes to recapture Kabbariya.
  • TNT barrels on Morek.
  • Rebels destroyed a machinegun 23 carrier, south of Maardes Mills.
  • Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attempts to progress toward Maardes.
  • No less than 25 air attacks on Morek and Latamne


  • TNT barrels on Ma’an.
  • Air attacks on Latamne and Zalaqiyat.