#Syria|Daraa rif|FSA Commander Ahmad Zoghbi denies claims FSA has received Anti AC guided missiles

FSA commander Ahmad Zoghbi denied rumours that FSA has received Anti Aircraft missiles recently.

He  told All4Syria that it is true that Anti Aircraft missiles have been used in the western rif of Daraa. But those missiles are Type of Cobra that rebels grabbed from Liwa 82 in Sheikh Meskeen at the beginning of 2015.

He added that the distance reached by those missiles does not exceed 2500 m altitude, while the ACs that bombard the residential areas fly at 5000 meters altitude. Those missiles have been used since 2013 when the rebels took over Liwa 38 in March 2013, and attempted to benefit of them mostly when ACs bombard at a low altitude.

Ahmad Zoghbi confirmed that Rebels did not receive any  anti-aircraft guided missiles as it has been circulating on tweeter following the pictures that have been captured.