Islamic State attacks YPG in Hasaka, masked group keeps abducting FSA’ s members

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Clashes between the Islamic State and People’s protection Units (YPG), the military arm of the Democratic Union Party Sunday in the city of Shadadi in Hasaka countryside , while the masked group continued raiding and arresting civilians.

Activist Ahmed al-Ali reported to Zaman al-Wasl that clashes between the Islamic State and YPG around the hills of al-Himma, al-Hamrat and al-Farar southernwest of Shadadi city in the Southern countryside. The activist mentioned that clashes had started days ago at front southern, Eastern and Western of Shadadi.

The activist added that 3 members of YPG, the main component of Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) were killed by mortar shelling of the Islamic State, while other members were killed by car bomb near a barrier for Democratic Union party in the area of al-Azzo sotherneast of Shadadi.

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