#Syria|Statement|Revolution factions refuse JAQ collective Bai’a and merging with any factions

Below statement :

We refuse as well JAQ to stay under any other name as its merging with any other group. Its members can chose between leaving the combat or join other factions. We are continuing to fight the remaining of the organizaiton until cutting off its criminals and achieve justice to our revolution and people.

The signatories are :

  1. Ahrar alSham
  2. Sham Legion.
  3. Sham Front.
  4. Zenghi
  5. Jaish Tahrir.
  6. Jaish alIslam.
  7. Jaish alMojahidin.
  8. Fataqem
  9. Suqur al Sham.
  10. Asala and Tanmiya.
  11. Ansar al Sham front.
  12. 1st coastal division.
  13. Fath Division.


I am told that the above statement is faked. But it is confirmed by Ahrar Media Spokesperson tweet:

The revolution factions will continue to fight JAQ and claim of a ceasefire are untrue, and any decision taken regarding that issue, will be collective with no exception.