#Syria|Hama rif battle|Update

  • FSA recaptured Beit Sa’du barrier after Assad’s militias have fled.



  • FSA recaptured Talat Taweela and the other neighboring hills of Um Haratein, and Qubybat.


  • FSA towed a Gunfield 57 in Sa’adu barrier, killing all the crew.

  • FSA heading to foil regime attempt to progress toward Maardes and Ma’an


FSA targets the Assad’s militias at alKabbariya

  • Maan has been recaptured by rebels.
  • Full mobilization have been declared by Jaish al Nasr and JAF
  • Rebels recaptured Kawkab.
  • Regime lost 2 tanks, 2 armoured vehicles and no less than 50 killed.
  • Kabbariya remains in regime grip.